Coronavirus tips; HiddenTricks to Prevent from COVID-19

Hey, guys. Really sorry for the delay of this important info that we promised to share.

Things change so dramatically during this pandemic and unfortunately, it is far from over just yet. However, as time passes by more and more trustworthy information is gathered about the virus and most importantly, how to protect ourselves from it.

Some of you may know we are medical students, 4th year of our studies.So for us, it is really essential to learn more about COVID-19 and why not help some people out with some tips?

Sounds fair, doesn’t it?

1. Sanitize all products you buy from the grocery!

For some of you this may sound ridiculously insane, I know. I am so fed up with cleaning each and every product I bring home. The smell of alcohol around the house is killing my senses.

However, believe me it is even more important than wearing a mask; which is highly essential too, don’t get me wrong!

What I mean is that the possibility of catching the virus within the surfaces of the packages is far more likely than any other scenario.

I see myself, unintentionally, getting one product, then deciding on something else. So I leave this one back on the shelf after touching it. Another person will probably then buy it. You see where I am going with that? Hope so 🙂

Many people don’t even know they are having the virus because they don’t have any symptoms. So they keep the quarantine like anybody else but they go shopping.

That’s why we have to:

  1. Wear gloves while shopping
  2. Disinfect the groceries with high percentage of alcohol.
  3. Put the gloves away
  4. Wash our hands

You are well aware now that hands are the most risky part of our bodies in terms of contamination. We unconsciously touch our face around 16 times for an hour! And this is a lot.

2. Wear your hair in a ponytail when you go out

Nonetheless, what you probably don’t know is the fact that our hair can easily transmit the infection as well; especially if it’s long.

By wearing your hair in a bun or a ponytail, you will touch it significantly less with your “dirty hands”.

Furthermore, it won’t be a target to the sneezing and coughing people behind you on the queue.

3. Wear long sleeves

The very same purpose of this fashion decision is again eliminating the risk of contamination. Somewhere around the world may be really hot right now, I know.

What is important here is at least, not getting outside with the clothes you are staying at home. It is further recommended, if you are wearing a jacket or a hoodie, to leave it on the balcony instead of the wardrobe. According to the WHO “There is no evidence that sunlight kills the new Coronavirus” but at least you won’t be moving it here and there in your room. Again touching its surfaces.

4. Avoid using the elevator

We are all aware how convenient it is to reach your apartment with the blink of an eye with the elevator. Using minimum calories for this activity. For all the lazy people on energy-saving mode out there, we feel you :D.

As the situation worldwide, though, becomes harder, we highly recommend avoiding pushing unnecessary buttons and handles. You can never be sure who has been there before you, whether he/she is healthy or sick.

Going through the stairs is actually not that scary. Plus, it is kind of a mini cardio exercise for you now when we are limiting our physical activity.  🙂

5. Pour some alcohol on the doormat.

Personally, my mom forbade bringing shoes inside the corridor. Nonetheless, she is gambling on whether our shoes are good enough to be stolen.

I am kidding.

It is advisable not to risk your favorite pair when you could easily pour some alcohol on the doormat. You will get the almost ultimate disinfection as we would like to call it. This is really helpful and again, doesn’t cost much.

6. Wrap the handle on the front door with an alcohol gauze

My friend and I have seen this trick on the doors of some shops and pharmacies in our town. We find it cunningly and at the same time easy to do. Here is our local example, which we admire:

All you need is a couple of sterile gauzes, enough to cover the whole handle.

Saturate them with alcohol (70% at least) and fasten them well.

In this way you will be calm that you’ve minimized the risk of someone bringing contagion when coming home.

Of course, the first thing we must do after getting inside is washing our hands; but we have already discussed the importance of that.

7. Pay with a card. Don’t use cash.

Some time ago before the Coronavirus thing came I read an interesting article I can give you a link to. It was about a research on “How many people have touched that £10 note in your wallet?”


Nothing quite matches the feeling of having a wallet or purse full of bank notes. This gives each and every one a sense of confidence. However, could you take a second to consider how many grubby hands have been on those notes? Your bulging wallet becomes less of a swag-machine and more of a germ-dispenser.

To further this paranoia On Stride Financial conducted some research that revealed “the £10 note you are using to buy your loaf of bread will have been touched by 594 different people during its 36 month life span.”

On normal circumstances, this is not that big of a deal. Still risky, but…

In this sense, in China some provinces forbade paying in cash. This seems quite reasonable to me. Do you agree or disagree? Your credit card belongs only to you, after all. If it’s contactless, it is even better and safer.

Not that we consider ourselves experts but this simple tricks could give anyone a little more relief.

You know when you are doing everything in your power to achieve some results? I bet you do. This way, even if something goes wrong, you have no regrets you could have done more.

Well. 🙂

Our little Share and Bear family wishes you all to stay healthy. Maybe, you could drop a comment below to give us some of your hacks. We are waiting for you.

See you soon. We have more surprises for you.

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