Study tricks – How to get better results?

Study smarter, not harder. Build relationship with the lessons.

Have you ever wondered how some people are incredibly good at memorizing and always achieve highest results? …

I bet the answer is YES and that’s not a surprise. Unfortunately, we cannot change our genes cuz a big part of the phenomenon is genetically affected such as good photographic memory, fast assosiations with people or events.

However, there are some study tactics that could help us safe time from reckless turing over the pages to strict routine process that could affect our overall performance at school, university or in the office.

First and foremost, remember that nothing else would make a difference if you are distracted with something other than the field of your study. So no matter what the circumstances are, relax, have a cup of coffee, tea or anything that calms you down and then begin on a clean sheet. Otherwise, it becomes a waste of time.

As medical students, for example,  the material we have to cover in a year is so huge that without using those study hacks passing the exams would become a real mission impossible.

So here are our little study tricks for better results:

Planning is essential

In the hustle and bustle of everyday activities something is always neglected because of the other 100 things to do in a day; I bet it sounds familiar. A quick 5-minute draft of the following day may be the ideal life-saviour you are looking for. From my personal experience flying-around-the-apartment sheets can’t do the thing.

So after my little investigation I have found my personal favourite organizer: bloom daily planners. With it’s classy design, well-structured pages that are at the same time so entertaining I don’t end up with extra reading in the late hours of the night or even worse skipping appointments and classes. Just because of a notebook?

Yeah, that’s right: Check it out

Highlight key words

It’s always really essential even if you are not that gifted with photographic memory. (I am totally discribing myself right now). Here comes the big BUT… and the following undoubted advantages.

When you somehow mark key words with colouring pens or highliing markers they are really recognisable on the big A4 sheet. This makes it pretty easy to go back later so as to read it maybe one more time, just the key moments and voala. The chance of answering a question in the test or standing out in front of your colleagues increases dramatically.

Of course, it’s really important to use high-quality products because otherwise you may ruin the whole information with ink spots or other various disasters.

Here is a link to some really good bullet coloured pens that won’t let you down. The more colours the better:

As for what we have already mentioned highlighters could never be a wrong choice as well. Amazon has launched their own markers which we found really promising. Click the link the link for further information:

So far, so good everyone.

Break it up a bit.

Since we have already put the basis of our new relationship with the lessons, studying process, I shall admit , is really exhausting; being focused in a field of unknown and difficult themes is a hard quest, indeed. Time seems to be slowing down as we get more and more desparate with the thought of failure and disappointment.

The whole is equal to the sum of its parts. Yes, but tackling the parts (individually) is much easier than tackling the whole all at once. So I am always using sticky notes to divide big assignments and get a sense of achievement when I finish small parts of it. Then I am even more motivated to continue. My best friend is the truest cat-lover I have ever seen.

So, she insisted on suggesting you guys cute Pusheen sticky notes. So when I saw them I feel in love as well.


Study for 30 minutes with a timer.

When you re-create a little of the athmosphere that any exam gives you with the help of a stopwatch, your mind focuses only to the appointed task. Researches show that 30 minutes are the ideal period of study before taking a rest, cuz our brain effectivelly absorbs information the first and the last 15 minutes of the reading. Consider this!

Manage notes in folders

Apart from that, students (including myself) usually don’t make the time to organize notes since they may not even have a sheet of paper in every class they attend. Here comes my unique-nonqunique solution: FOLDERS.

  1. It’s really time-saving since everything is right in place.
  2. Hungry pets, pouring rain outside and other dangers have been limited as folders are great keepers of order.
  3. For the fashionable ladies there are so many great designs to choose from that binders could be an ideal match to various customized themes as our favourite burgundy autumn theme and, of course, many more.

I have already ordered my plastic expanding file folders and I’m looking forward to putting all my notes in those cute pockets. There are quite a lot of colours to choose from, so there is an option for every taste.

Sharing a link with you so that maybe we could be twining any time soon. Sounds great, doesn’t it. Check it out:

Get proper sleep

No matter how hard it gets sometimes before an important exam, no matter how many items are there to help with the studying process the goal will not be accomplished if there is no proper sleep during the night. So, sit on a desk when learning, bed should be reserved just for sleep. Otherwise, unexpected naps appear during the day and then healthy hours of sleep are being reduced? Am I right? Maybe you could send me a message if you have another opinion on the matter?

Limit distractions to the minimum

Everything seems to be more intesting when cracking the books. However, try to avoid social media because they took most of our free time but they should not become the reason of failure. You can’t impress employers with likes on Facebook, Instagram, etc.

Get possitive attitude, focus and make the most of the situation.


Everything seems to be more intesting when cracking the books. However, try to avoid social media because they took most of our free time but they should not become the reason of failure. You can’t impress employers with likes on Facebook, Instagram, etc.

To sum up, get possitive attitude and follow the simple study tricks. Hopefully, we will get Focus. Plan. Do.

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