Tips & Tricks when in Rome

Buongiorno! Being a blogger (or at least trying to) turned out to be a hard quest. It may seem that anyone with some free time could do it and get the attention of the readers but I beg to differ.
It takes more than a few hours to create something meaningful and worth the read.

Our friend took the picture in front of the famous ,,Spanish Steps”” on Piazza di Spagna, Rome

Did you know a funny fact?

?Peperoni is actually the Italian word for large pepper and there is no Italian salami by that name.

So, give me the benefit of the doubt to tell you about our experience in Rome, Italy.
One word that perfectly describes it is amazingly DIFFERENT. So much history all at once, years of evolution and accomplishments of the human race. However, being a typical tourist in an attractive destination with no tour agency led to some little accidents. You could avoid that if you follow this little piece of advice.

 ? Use the metro  

One of the main cases someone has to solve when exploring a big city is how to get to visit more places and at the same time not lose so much time going from one sight to another. First thing that comes to our mind is renting a car which is a good idea in case you are brave enough to drive in Rome, because, to be honest, there were hardly any cars with no marks from a car crash.


People in Italy drive recklessly from time to time so in order to escape from those risks, we decided to try the metro. What is essential to know is that there are 2 main lines- A and B, which makes traveling with it surprisingly easy. Before you go inside you have to buy a ticket (1,60€) and after that you can see boards which one is the stop at which you want to get out.

What I liked about those boards is that after the name of the station you will find in brackets the landmark that is near.So even if you are not sure where you want to go, this will give you a hint. We used this trick for the “Fontana di Trevi, Vatican city and “Piazza di Spagna” (all of them a must-see landmarks). However, if you happen to get lost, do not worry- a lot of people speak English so you will not be left without directions.

?Don’t take “Skip-the-line” offers

Those seemingly confident ladies and gentlemen in front of the Colleseo and the Vatican Museums are all very kind and sweet but they want to make a profit from excited travelers, like they did with us. They offer tickets that secure a faster way of entering the sight but then it turned out that they buy entrance tickets before the tourist flow early in the morning and re-sell them in double/triple price later.

Moreover, the ticket is set to be valid for 2 days so they resell those 2 days in a row and some may end up with a lot more expensive pass for just one day left. NB! the ticket for the Coliseum, Roman forum and the Palatine Hill is just one. They will try to convince you that they are separate for each but they are NOT.

The reduced ticket for children, students and people with disabilities is 7,50 € and the adult one costs 12 €. They will offer you a price of 22 € minimum. Just keep the regular prices in mind when deciding what to do.


If the line in front of the Coliseum is long (will most probably happen), first go to the Roman Forum and the Palatine Hill. Then go back to the Coliseum in the afternoon. The queue will be smaller and Skip-the-line offers won’t be necessary.

You can’t go to Rome and not see Vatican city-fascinating beauty and rich history, located in the heart of Rome, easy to approach and for sure an experience hard to forget.

St. Peter’s square

To begin with, you have 2 most important places to visit there: St. Peter’s Square”with the Basilica, and the Vatican museums. Easy as it sounds, huh? Not that fast. Don’t jump into conclusions, as with so many tourists visiting the capital, you will inevitably be stuck in a queue so long, that you will have to wait 1-2 hours to get in (unless you try to sneak by some misguided people, which we chose not to do for better or worse).

St. Peter’s basilica.

One idea I can give you is to leave someone from the company to wait in the queue and go send a postcard to your family/friends in the post office that is actually in a truck somewhere on St. Peter’s Square. It will be fun and time will pass by faster.

? The entrance for the basilica is free.

? Get a selfie stick

In order to be prepared to caption the unforgettable experience, we advise you to bring your selfie stick. Since there are a lot of people, in the hustle and bustle, some of you may end up out of the group pictures or even worse, not get any at all. We can’t always rely on the good intentions of other people around the sights, right?

So, if you haven’t already bought one, here is a good option that combines both reasonable price and high quality.

It does offer different colors and improved generations. You could pick up the perfect one for you and your family and friends.

The square from above.

Visiting the basilica won’t be the same if you don’t go on top of it. I passionately  recommend as the panoramic view is unique and you can see the whole city from there. You can either use the elevator (10€) or the steps (8€), but the latter is not recommended for lazy people like me, as they are around 500.

Coffee break around the museums.

Аs for the Vatican museums:

-full entry ticket: 17€

-reduced ticket: 8€ (children, university institutes and students, people with disabilities).

? You will again see all kinds of skip-the-line offers, that you’d better ignore.

Tickets for the museum are sold inside the building, so everything before that is simply a trap-card.

The building is like a one-way tunnel; you can’t choose to visit only the Sistine Chapel or the Rooms of Rafael as they’re situated at the end of the “tunnel”. You have to walk past all the other parts of the museum, so it’s all or none. But if you follow the numbers of the rooms you will get to the bottom of the whole history marked in there.

Go to Italy they said, there are so many traditional food to try,they assure.

However, there is a little catch! In the tourist center most of the restaurants or the so called ,,trattorias” most commonly offer frozen ready-to-cook food and the original taste disappears. On top, it’s usually served as a gourmet and a single dish costs around 15 €.

To be honest, since an ordinary English boy tricked TripAdvisor and went on top of all high-rated restaurants in London representing on the Internet an imaginary place with excellent fake reviews and “many” satisfied customers, I am kind of skeptic about restaurant recommendations on the Internet. So we didn’t take those too seriously, even though it was a different matter.

What I recommend is going to the so called Trastevere (a historical region of Rome). It offers authentic places with typical Italian cuisine. Other than that, pizza in slices is the best lunch meal, especially when sightseeing. You can find it freshly baked right around every corner of Rome; even the simplest Italian Margarita? tastes like heaven! Oh, yummy).

What about Italian desserts?

The famous ,,Venchi” gelateria decorated with a wall of real chocolate was my favorite. From the first bite I knew that was a special kind of chocolate made from real cocoa and hazelnuts. I highly recommend it.

Another good place for sweet meals that my friends and I tried was next to Fontana di Trevi called “Bar Trevi ”. Magnificent gelato ?with various flavors and all sorts of waffles to compliment with each other. Small ice cream costs 3€, medium one- 4 € and large- 6€.

Did you know a funny fact?

?In some places takeaway gelatos cost less than those eaten in the cafeteria. Apart from that, some places include tax service for each person at the table. It could be fixed price or a percentage of the bill.

?The definition you have on your mind for ,,espresso” might mislead you right in the first cafeteria you go to. Italian espresso is very small (maximum 20-25 ml) but extra strong. Misconception counts for the latte as well. In Italy it means hot milk, not the drink with coffee and milk. So if you would like to have something of that kind you can order Cappuccino which is pretty the same.

This shall be the end of our trip advisor. We hope we managed to give you some useful guidelines. Otherwise, little confusions ruin your mood to explore. We don’t want this to happen of course, so if you follow our tips, your unforgettable experience is promised. Hope you have a great time.

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