Top 10 purrfect gifts for cat lovers

Meow everyone! This article is about to blow your perspective for the ultimate purrfect present you can give to a cat lover!

If you are such a person yourself, sit down comfortably, take a deep breath, keep calm and transfer to the meowland where your most beloved animal could be surrounding you on different stuff all around the house… Are you ready?

Let’s get started with the Top 10 purrfect cat-related gifts you wish you knew sooner! Meow

1. Cat socks

Those 3D printed cat socks look so adorable that you will love them all. The picture on them (whichever you choose) is so realistic that your feet will magically turn into cute little cats following you everywhere. Moreover, they are, believe it or not, comfortable both for boots and more shallow shoes. Not mentioning that they are sold in packages of 5 pairs all with different kittens printed on. You can order them for your whole family+ friends+ your neighbors and their kids (or just all of them only for yourself…).

Buyer’s Guide: I know they are amazingly sweet but don’t buy with the blink of an eye. First, do not forget to look at the reviewer’s pictures. See whether you will like the way the socks look in reality. Second, keep in mind that they are size US 5-8 and fit women’s shoes size 4.5-8. So if your shoe number is 11 and you forgot to consider that as a fact, they will only suit your teddy bear’s feet.

2. Cat pillowcase

Everyone loves having cat pillows in their home- they are a must-have decoration to every bed and sofa. You can easily move them from one place to another cuz they look so cute wherever you put them. 

Those pillowcases provide all those qualities + a couple more- you can take them off the pillow whenever you like so it is easier to wash, and of course- it has cats on it.

If you are wondering how to surprise a cat lover, do not wait too long- the perfect gift is waiting beyond the link.

Buyer’s Guide: Attention! If I have not made myself clear, now is the perfect time- this product does not include the pillow, just the pillowcase. The material is polyester, soft, durable, and of high quality. Before you order, look at the size of the case (18×18 inch). It might be challenging to find the exact pillow for this case but we shall all agree that if it has cats on it, it is worth it.

The price is set for all the 4 different designs. If you are interested in purchasing pillows of the exact size when opening the link you will immediately get those in frequently bought together section.

3. Cat umbrella

Autumn did not wait too long to come and our summer moments became a mirage. Cold and rainy weather, however, shall not put us down. So for this case I have a perfect solution- looking so undisturbed by the rain with wearing a fantastic umbrella.…. withcats on it!

What a surprise, huh?

As you can see those cats look so cute and cheerful, like nothing can really concern them. That’s the way we should look going outside with our new acquisition.What I personally like about this model is the fact that the umbrella is actually ultra light. It is small enough to fit in your bag (9½” long closed, 36″ when opened).

To sum up, keep raindrops from falling on your head with this fun cat umbrella. Large enough to keep you dry during heavy rain, yet folds up small enough to slip easily into a bag or purse. It is suitable for every season , for every age, for every occasion. Practical and universal, it is of course one of those gifts you can buy to a cat lover that no one can resist.

4. Cat Shower Curtain

If you have not found the right gift for your cat lover yet, this unique in its own way funny bathroom curtain might be the thing you are searching for. Taking a shower couldn’t get any better, could it? There are different sizes to choose from, the material is polyester and of course it’s waterproof. Wait no longer and find it here. You can also have a look at the other designs which you may like better.

5. Cat slippers

After a long day, especially in this cold weather, we all want something to warm our souls when we get back home. A delicious hot chicken soup might work as well, but my addition to that is a cozy, cute pair of slippers with cats. They are fluffy, come in different colour combinations, models and sizes, so you won’t be left with no choice for sure.

Buyer’s guide: Read carefully the size chart and look if they have your shoe number. What I like about them except for the fact they are super cool, is that they are thick, look stable and have an anti-slip platform– for those with a slithery floor in their homes, do not worry- we lowered the risk of you making a side-slip to minimum. The price is really affordable, so don’t hesitate:

6. Blanket with cats

In some more extreme cases, the chicken soup and the warm slippers cannot fully do their job, and because we won’t leave you freezing, this cat printed blanket will make the coldness go in the past.

It is a great decoration to cover your bed/sofa as well. The material of the blanket is high flannel, which makes it thick, fluffy and warm for the upcoming winter. You can choose from 3 sizes, so no matter whether you want it for a single or a double bed, you will have that purrfect cat-themed present.

7. Cat stickers

Cat stickers are a great addition to a gift, especially for kids, as they can be put on almost anything you can think of. School might have already started, but it’s never too late for a cat related stationary gift. The pack includes 90 pieces of sweet cats, every one unique and funny. The size is 1,5 inch (3,8cm)

  • purrfect party choice: add them to the favor bags and the kids will absolutely loved them. They will enjoy the lovely design as well as the party.
  • use them to decorate a card, notebook, or an organizer tote. You can even use them to stick on the calendar and the mirror.
  • highly visible. Stay in place when wet. Can be removed when desired without leaving a residue.

8. Cat pencil case

Continuing with the school supplies, the stickers make a great combo with this cattastic 3D pencil case. It is big enough to contain a whole pack of normal and colour pencils, pens, rubbers, corrector pens etc. Or why not using it for make up and whatever stuff you like actually- it’s free for interpretation!

9. Simon’s cat car sticker

I personally don’t have a car, but if you or your cat-lover friend do, I am showing you something creative and fun you can give them/yourself- a car sticker of hungry Simon’s cat. It is really easy to put and, to my surprise (considering the price) it is also qualitative and will not rip off after the first rain or snow. In my opinion it looks better on white cars, but that shall not stop you to be uniquie while driving.

10.Cat thermos

Last but not least, we have come to the 10th product I recommend. As cold seasons have arrived on the horizon it is very essential to keep our drink hot when going out. In that way we can enjoy every sip of the morning coffee even when we are in a hurry. What a better way to do it if not in a cat-themed thermos that is by the way a dream team with the umbrella I mentioned above, because they have matching cat pictures. It has a capacity of 350ml which is enough to contain even your favourite tea and warm your soul quickly wherever you are. It is made of stainless steel, and its thermal insulation performance is 6-12 hours. Dreaming of having your favourite energising drink with you will not be a problem anymore. Find it here and you can thank me later.

Thank you for reading !

We have come to the end of my cat-lovers gift guide. I hope you managed to find the ideas you were looking for among all 10 products I showed you. They are cool and different compared to all the stuff we have seen on the local stores, low priced and of high quality, so the odds are in your favour. Make yourself and your friends happy with an unforgettable present with the most lovely animal- for one thing that is sure- it’s worth it.

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