Top 5 extraordinary Christmas gift ideas

Knock knock.. Who is there?

It’s almost Christmas time.?❄

I want to ask you if you have found the perfect gifts for your family and friends. I bet you haven’t…yet.

Some of you may say it’s only November and there is plenty of time but online shopping requires some technological time that no one could avoid. So, why not be prepared a little earlier?

Each year it’s getting harder and harder finding extraordinary Christmas gifts that bring joy and some humor to the receiver. We have already prepared a selection of the top 10 purrfect gifts for cat lovers So check them out, if interested.

Now focusing on innovative and rare ideas to find under the Xmas tree ?.

1. Scanmarker Air

For item №1 , we chose something we can’t see on a daily basis. Rare and extraordinary as we said. Undoubtedly we’ve all had a feeling of annoyance in cases when we have to copy a text from a paper textbook to our computer/phone. We start positively, but after just 3 sentences we pray for a gadget that could magically transfer the text in just a minute on our device.

Well, the good news is that our prayers have been heard. No matter if you use an iPhone, iPad, Samsung, Mac or Windows, this Scanmarker Air makes a perfect Christmas present.

Moreover, it has a choice of 10 different colours. It is lightweight and convenient to use. Now everyone can create summaries faster than ever before. It connects easily to all your devices via Bluetooth. Works with a powerful in-built battery rechargeable via USB. Suprise your beloved ones with this extraordinary gift that waits beyond the link.

Buyer’s Guide: Apart from scanning text, you can also use it for small black and white images.

The box includes: – Scanmarker Air

– Bluetooth dongle (for wireless computer connection)

– USB cable

– Soft Case

– Reference Guide

– Warranty Card (Full one year warranty)

If technical gadgets are just in your blood, № 2 and 3  in our list would be just the ideal gifts to receive from the good old man Santa Claus.

2. Headphone Speaker Hat

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to listen to your favourite songs without knitting the cable of the headphones at least three times wearing your winter clothes? I bet you did.

So another innovation perfect for Christmas is the Headphone Speaker Hat with a built-in microphone.

  • equipped with high efficiency Bluetooth wireless technology compatible with all the Bluetooth enabled media devices; such as iPhone, iPad, Android phones and tablets, MP3/MP4 digital players and more.
  • easy access control buttons to manage hands-free calls, wireless music streaming, volume adjustment, forward / backward /pause/play/ power switch, from up to 33 feet of remote distance.
  • water-resistant HD acoustic loudspeaker to deliver dynamic & enhanced music listening experience. A great companion in the bathroom, boat, kitchen, bathtub, poolside, car, beach, park, office, conference room, etc.
  • rechargeable battery
  • washable material

If interested, follow the link to see color variety, sizes and further instructions for usage.

Color, black (sizes): 8.5 x 1.8 x 7.5 inch.

3. USB Charging Station

Did you ever have a war with your family over whom to possess the phone charger? Constantly trying to win property of this tiny tender cable that has the power to turn your favorite device back to life? Or else waiting hours to get vacant contact because all your colleagues have decided to charge their phones right at the moment when you hit 5% battery?

Those hard days are over, my friend. This extraordinary Christmas gift I will show you is going to put and end to the everyday battle you are forced to experience and peace will finally come for everyone.


So I’m introducing you the USB Charging Station Organizer for multiple devices (up to 6). That is compatible with both Apple and Android devices. It is useful for every place and every person. You can now clean up the cable clutter at home, at work, in the classroom etc. One device does it all. No more fights for possession, no more tangled cords and lost chargers. Buy now and never get to worry about low battery ever again.

Buyer’s Guide: The box incudes:

– A Multifunctional 6 USB Port Charging Station

– 6 perfect length 8 inch charger cables (4 compatible with Apple devices, 1 Micro-USB, 1 Type C)

– 7 removable baffles

– 6 foot power cord

– A worry-free 12-month warranty and friendly customer service

4. Cozy themed Wine/Beer/Chocolate/Coffee socks

For a cozy, heart-melting Christmas holiday, a pair of cute socks might be a great addition and a perfect gift for your beloved ones.

Those socks are, however, not like ordinary ones.

They carry a different message that will immediately put a smile on the receiver’s face. Moreover, they are made of premium combined cotton that makes them extremely soft and comfortable. The eye-catching words on the bottom of the socks are printed in non-slip ink, which will definitely help to keep your grip!

They fit US sizes 6 to 12 (this has already been tested!).

If you think this can’t get any better, just wait; the socks arrive in an elegant wine/beer/coffee can packaging, depending on the type you have selected. We all know how busy life can get, so forget about the frustration of gift wrapping! Satisfaction is guaranteed!

We often receive money for Christmas instead of presents. That is because some people believe this is the better option since the possibility of not getting the right gift is really high. So, if you happen to be in such a situation, it is so much better to have a secure store where to safe the cash. For example, you can use them later for a trip/vacay, for something you really wanted to have for a long time, instead of spending that money immediately in restaurants, clubs or even worse, for bills; (this usually happens subconsciously).

5. Electronic Piggy Bank

Last but not least, I am presenting you the Electronic Password Piggy Bank. You can collect cash as well as coins. The password is pre-set to 0000 but it could be personalized. Kids could set their own code and enjoy how Piggy Bank “eats” the paper money. The bills are pulled in by a sensor. It is so addictive to watch it “eat” your savings that you will want to put money in the box every single day, I promise haha.

However, if you happen to forget the new code, you can simply remove the batteries and wait for 20 mins. It will reset to the default code “0000”. The money-box is made of high quality plastic, sturdy and stable as to not break easily. The size is 13.5*12.5*19.5cm. Operated by 3*AA batteries.

What I personally like about this funny little piggy bank is that it looks so cute that it will always make you smile whenever you look at it. It is a great way to teach kids how to collect money through something funny and extraordinary. Sometimes in those money-boxes the amount of savings rises to a decent sum without harming the family budget.

So, if you want to be different this Christmas, our selection of the top 5 extraordinary gift ideas is what you are looking for. We chose those items for the special occasion because there are, more or less, something you could never be wrong with. You have to agree they are innovative and really useful.

 Greetings from Share and Bear.

Wishing you all a wonderful Xmas holidays.  ho-ho-ho

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