What to do during the quarantine 2020?

Hey guys, it has been a while since me and “my partner in crime” had a muse to write.

It was all so intense. When it doesn’t come from the heart it doesn’t count, right?

So, we are back now.

Now we have the goal to catch up with you and share some of our thoughts throughout time. This catastrophic situation got us all unprepared and locked at home forgetting all our daily responsibilities such as going to school, university or work. However, now each of us has plenty of time in our hands to spare at home.

We have been searching for some new activities to take on since we will be at home for a while. Hopefully, we will get fast through this crisis but until then let me share and bear with you. We have honestly missed you. 🙂

Quarantine activities for kids

1. Set up an indomitable pillow fort

I have chosen a very unrealistic fort for my abilities now when I think about it. However, you need a little imagination to achieve some progress.

I believe if you have kids they will be so enthusiastic that you let them play like this they will find a way to re-build the whole house. I am just kidding.

Let’s turn off the news for a bit and pretend we are all kings and queens in our safe castles.

2. Start up a puzzle

I’m well aware nowadays children may have never put a puzzle together.

So, ask your mum and dad if they could find or buy one online and get it started together.

I suggest you pick a bigger one with a more complicated image displayed to thrill you more. I promise you time flies when you assemble the pieces. Quality time with family is maybe one of the few positive things about the situation we are in.

3. Play online games with friends

My friends and I have recently re-discovered interactive games on Facebook such as Uno, OMG, the Test and, of course, my favorite and most dangerous one LUDO club. It’s basically the classical “Don’t get angry game” which you can never get tired of.  (I mean if you don’t constantly end up with just one pawn inside). Agh

I think my relationship with that game can be best described as a love-hate relationship. Haha. Still not giving up!

There might be some better options available on the web, though. I will be really grateful if you can suggest a few more games on the comments below. I am running out of ideas. Help

4. Grow your own plant

Since I was a little kid, I always got very excited when helping my granny in the garden, watering the plants or putting seeds into the ground and waiting for them to grow into tiny twigs. Nevertheless, I find this very thrilling to bring something to life and help it develop every day.

So now when we spend that much time at home, I have an idea for the curious kids out there; grow your own plant.

What you will need:

  • A glass bowl (or anything suitable for a plant)
  • 3-4 beans (you can use lentil as well)
  • Some cotton
  • Water

I believe it will be a very fun activity and at the same time will teach children to look after something and in that way be more responsible. Thus, it’s super easy and doesn’t require anything special as a resource.

Quarantine activities for adults

1. Start up an online business or a blog

I’m pretty sure a lot of you probably have some ideas about developing an online business or just like me want to share thoughts on the web.

Do you know what made us start again?

A woman from Malta left a comment on our site and we were like “if just one person follows our ideas, it is still worth it”. Step by step we will get there.

Maybe you are afraid you won’t succeed or people won’t be interested in what you write about?

By the way, a lot of hosting companies such as SiteGround provide some exceptional discounts due to the COVID-19 crisis and they encourage more and more people to start working on their dreams. Click the image for more INFO:

2. Delete unnecessary photos

As this activity is quite boring, before the quarantine I always avoided it. Still hating it but… I bought a new phone a few months ago and now it has to be cleaned up from all the things that occupy its space.

Тaking a selfie is a challenge especially if you are not very photogenic, not to mention during a vacay. The number of photos can explode rapidly when you want to create the perfect Instagram series of photos. Upload all photos on your drive to save the memories, delete the apps you have never used and leave just the best on your phone.

After the quarantine you will have ready-to-use space for more unforgettable moments. Thank me later. 🙂

3. Read unfinished books

The book about Sir Alex Ferguson remains in my bookshelf somewhere in the middle since 2017. Now I am planning on finally closing the chapters with a cup of tea or some hot chocolate.

Finding peace and quietness in our daily lives is a rare treasure and now we have to take advantage of it both to relax and do some delayed chores. It’s finding the light in the darkness.

4. Bring the cinema at home

Beware, popcorn may never be enough!

Cinemas may be closed right now, banning you/stopping you from seeing the movie you’ve been waiting a whole year for, but that doesn’t mean you can’t create the same atmosphere at home.

It’s actually very easy:

  1. make a list of the movies you want to watch
  2. order online a movie projector (because you have to stay at home!),
  3. make some popcorn and snacks for everyone
  4. Voilà- you have your own home cinema!

5. Make a bucket list

Make a list of all the outdoor activities you’re going to do once this is over! 🙂

I personally dream of being able to walk freely around just breathing some fresh air without a mask and gloves and not worrying. Now I value this more than ever.

Guys, you know after the rain comes the sun.

We have to be patient and listen to the instructions we are given. For now, stay at home, stay healthy and we continue with our list of ideas.

6. Recreate a SPA day

What a better way to spend the day than pamper yourself with some spa activities?

We know the hustle and bustle of everyday life can leave no free time for “unnecessary” stuff like that, but believe it or not, by following this idea that leaves you with your own thoughts, you will strengthen your mind and spirit.

Stress nowadays does so much harm on our inner and outer appearance that taking care of our skin and hair is a must.

We have a very important announcement. 
In the next few days we are going to publish our ideal SPA day
with some unique recipes of face and body masks.
Of course, we will give you a little hint how to keep your hair healthy to grow longer.
No further jokers! Be ready. :)

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